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Server Information Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Expert at stationery and/or web pages? Help us dress Annexcafe at its finest.
annexcafe.announce Go to the annexcafe.announce newsgroup annexcafe.announce's Charter annexcafe.announce's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.announce
Administrative Announcements regarding the AnnexCafe's newsgroups and chat rooms. This board is READ only.
annexcafe.chamber.of.commerce Go to the annexcafe.chamber.of.commerce newsgroup annexcafe.chamber.of.commerce's Charter annexcafe.chamber.of.commerce's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.chamber.of.commerce
If you are looking for a business, product or service; or if you wish to promote one. No Spam. Read the page, please. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
See what Annexcafe has to offer!
annexcafe.discussions Go to the annexcafe.discussions newsgroup annexcafe.discussions's Charter annexcafe.discussions's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.discussions
Announcements and discussion
annexcafe.dogagent.announce Go to the annexcafe.dogagent.announce newsgroup annexcafe.dogagent.announce's Charter annexcafe.dogagent.announce's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.dogagent.announce
Backup announcements, information & updates for our good friends at Dogagent Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Share the festivities
annexcafe.honored.artists Go to the annexcafe.honored.artists newsgroup annexcafe.honored.artists's Charter annexcafe.honored.artists's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.honored.artists
Our tribute to the generous artists who allow us use of their work
annexcafe.ishie.test Go to the annexcafe.ishie.test newsgroup annexcafe.ishie.test's Charter annexcafe.ishie.test's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.ishie.test
It was an Accident-- Honest
annexcafe.newsgroup.helpdesk Go to the annexcafe.newsgroup.helpdesk newsgroup annexcafe.newsgroup.helpdesk's Charter annexcafe.newsgroup.helpdesk's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.newsgroup.helpdesk
OPEN: This group is where those who don't know about the LOGINS can congregate and ask for help on how to log in to the groups. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Help promote Annexcafe!
annexcafe.volunteering Go to the annexcafe.volunteering newsgroup annexcafe.volunteering's Charter annexcafe.volunteering's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.volunteering
Sharing volunteering experiences & opportunities Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
For help with the Annexcafe Webring Network

Help & Support Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Online support for members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and anyone who thinks he or she may have a drinking problem. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Online support for members of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and anyone who grew up with alcoholism in the home Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Online support for members of Al-Anon or anyone who thinks that alcohol is causing problems in his/her family Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Those interested in Co-Dependency Anonymous (CoDA) program Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Online support for members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and anyone who thinks he or she may have a drug problem Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Online support for members of Overeaters Anonymous (OA) or anyone who believe he or she has issues concerning food Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Discussions and support group for anger management.
annexcafe.healthy.choices Go to the annexcafe.healthy.choices newsgroup annexcafe.healthy.choices's Charter annexcafe.healthy.choices's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.healthy.choices
Find support and inspiration as you choose your own path to physical health and well being. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Share memories of online friends loved and lost. In memory of DACC.
annexcafe.public.recalls Go to the annexcafe.public.recalls newsgroup annexcafe.public.recalls's Charter annexcafe.public.recalls's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.public.recalls
consumer safety issues
annexcafe.rainbow.bridge Go to the annexcafe.rainbow.bridge newsgroup annexcafe.rainbow.bridge's Charter annexcafe.rainbow.bridge's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.rainbow.bridge
For pet owners to share and offer condolences on the loss of a furred, feathered or otherwise bedecked friend. Memorials welcomed.
annexcafe.scambusters Go to the annexcafe.scambusters newsgroup annexcafe.scambusters's Charter annexcafe.scambusters's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.scambusters
Fight Back against Scammers & Spammers Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Support group for those with Asthma or Allergies Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Breast Cancer Support Group Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
A Cancer Support Group Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Conquering Depression Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
A Support Group for those with Disabilities and Health Issues Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Sharing with & support from those who know Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Friendship and support for those with fibromyalgia & those who care Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Grief Support Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Heart Disease Discussion & Support Go to the   newsgroup  's Charter  's Home Page WebRead
Mental Health Issues, Mental & Sexual abuse issues
annexcafe.veterans Go to the annexcafe.veterans newsgroup annexcafe.veterans's Charter annexcafe.veterans's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.veterans
A place of honor for all veterans
annexcafe.weightloss.general Go to the annexcafe.weightloss.general newsgroup annexcafe.weightloss.general's Charter annexcafe.weightloss.general's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.weightloss.general
Lose those pounds and stay healthy!

Animals & Pets Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
A place to share photos of your pets! Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Where all the cool animals hang out!
annexcafe.animalforum.birds Go to the annexcafe.animalforum.birds newsgroup annexcafe.animalforum.birds's Charter annexcafe.animalforum.birds's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.animalforum.birds
Pet Birds
annexcafe.animalforum.haven.offtopic Go to the annexcafe.animalforum.haven.offtopic newsgroup annexcafe.animalforum.haven.offtopic's Charter annexcafe.animalforum.haven.offtopic's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.animalforum.haven.offtopic
General discussion for pet people
annexcafe.animalforum.horses Go to the annexcafe.animalforum.horses newsgroup annexcafe.animalforum.horses's Charter annexcafe.animalforum.horses's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.animalforum.horses
Horses and riding
annexcafe.animalforum.pets Go to the annexcafe.animalforum.pets newsgroup annexcafe.animalforum.pets's Charter annexcafe.animalforum.pets's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.animalforum.pets
Cats, Dogs, Spiders, Rodents and Reptiles
annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife Go to the annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife newsgroup annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife's Charter annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife
Discussion and pix of animals in the wild
annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife.cams Go to the annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife.cams newsgroup annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife.cams's Charter annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife.cams's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.animalforum.wildlife.cams
Share your favorite wildlife sites

Computing & Tech Talk Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Fluff: "come get Kay's daily thought and enjoy" place
annexcafe.general.linux2linux Go to the annexcafe.general.linux2linux newsgroup annexcafe.general.linux2linux's Charter annexcafe.general.linux2linux's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.general.linux2linux
All about Linux
annexcafe.general.user2user Go to the annexcafe.general.user2user newsgroup annexcafe.general.user2user's Charter annexcafe.general.user2user's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.general.user2user
Tech Sharing and Help
Annexcafe.General.Windowslivemail Go to the Annexcafe.General.Windowslivemail newsgroup Annexcafe.General.Windowslivemail's Charter Annexcafe.General.Windowslivemail's Home Page WebRead Annexcafe.General.Windowslivemail
Help & discussion in regards to Microsoft's Windows Live Mail application Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Computer talk- UK, but all welcome

General Friendship, Discussion & Humor

annexcafe.belgo.qc.evasion Go to the annexcafe.belgo.qc.evasion newsgroup annexcafe.belgo.qc.evasion's Charter annexcafe.belgo.qc.evasion's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.belgo.qc.evasion
De Belgique, de Quebec; groupe international où l'amitié a son importance
annexcafe.blondes.corner Go to the annexcafe.blondes.corner newsgroup annexcafe.blondes.corner's Charter annexcafe.blondes.corner's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.blondes.corner
A place to share the beauty of blondeness and generally enjoy being or being with blondes.
annexcafe.brisbee Go to the annexcafe.brisbee newsgroup annexcafe.brisbee's Charter annexcafe.brisbee's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.brisbee
Brisbee: A place where (almost) anything goes. Looking forward to seeing your first post there. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
A place to share all the things you just can't seem to remember. Commiserate with other sufferers in a light-hearted area derived strictly for you and people just like you.
annexcafe.duckwalk Go to the annexcafe.duckwalk newsgroup annexcafe.duckwalk's Charter annexcafe.duckwalk's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.duckwalk
In honor of memories, old and new. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Discussions conviviales dans le respect et l'amitié
annexcafe.general.funlandia Go to the annexcafe.general.funlandia newsgroup annexcafe.general.funlandia's Charter annexcafe.general.funlandia's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.general.funlandia
Potpourri of Fun
annexcafe.humor Go to the annexcafe.humor newsgroup annexcafe.humor's Charter annexcafe.humor's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.humor
Humor, jokes, funny stories and pictures Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
First you had the chat, now the newsgroup Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Men's Issues Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
General Discussion
annexcafe.people.society Go to the annexcafe.people.society newsgroup annexcafe.people.society's Charter annexcafe.people.society's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.people.society
Humor and Discussion
Annexcafe.Pleasant.Friendly.Talk Go to the Annexcafe.Pleasant.Friendly.Talk newsgroup Annexcafe.Pleasant.Friendly.Talk's Charter Annexcafe.Pleasant.Friendly.Talk's Home Page WebRead Annexcafe.Pleasant.Friendly.Talk
Fun conversations, warm relationships, relaxation and a quiet place to rest. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Coffee & Companionship- Start your day off right Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Women's issues, discussion, fun and support.

Graphics, Art & Stationery

annexcafe.adobe Go to the annexcafe.adobe newsgroup annexcafe.adobe's Charter annexcafe.adobe's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.adobe
A newsgroup for sharing knowledge of Adobe
annexcafe.applets Go to the annexcafe.applets newsgroup annexcafe.applets's Charter annexcafe.applets's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.applets
create, share, teach Java Applets. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Fun art with Fractals and Photo Filters
annexcafe.arts.stationery Go to the annexcafe.arts.stationery newsgroup annexcafe.arts.stationery's Charter annexcafe.arts.stationery's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.arts.stationery
Display your Stationery Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Share design ideas for web page development, wallpaper, web sets, graphics & much more.
annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.artistica Go to the annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.artistica newsgroup annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.artistica's Charter annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.artistica's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.artistica
Exposicion de brazilian arte
annexcafe.desktop.decor Go to the annexcafe.desktop.decor newsgroup annexcafe.desktop.decor's Charter annexcafe.desktop.decor's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.desktop.decor
Desktop enhancements - wallpapers, desktop calendars, skins and more Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Display your digital painting from photos and share techniques.
annexcafe.downhome.stationery Go to the annexcafe.downhome.stationery newsgroup annexcafe.downhome.stationery's Charter annexcafe.downhome.stationery's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.downhome.stationery
Small, gently scripted, safe family stationery
annexcafe.fonts Go to the annexcafe.fonts newsgroup annexcafe.fonts's Charter annexcafe.fonts's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.fonts
Share your non-copyrighted fonts here. Learn how to create your own! Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Graphics Collections Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Frames, Fonts, and other accessories
annexcafe.people.stationeryarts Go to the annexcafe.people.stationeryarts newsgroup annexcafe.people.stationeryarts's Charter annexcafe.people.stationeryarts's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.people.stationeryarts
Stationery Techniques
annexcafe.phoenix.animations Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.animations newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.animations's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.animations's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.animations
Animated Gifs and how to do them
annexcafe.phoenix.brazilian.apoio.tecnico Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.brazilian.apoio.tecnico newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.brazilian.apoio.tecnico's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.brazilian.apoio.tecnico's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.brazilian.apoio.tecnico
Aqui amigos vocês vão encontrar técnicas que lhes possibilitarão o manejo da linguagem html, assim como o tratamento de imagens . Desta maneira vocês poderão embelezar os posts que enviarão ao nosso Brazilian Art and Culture... Venha ensinar o que você sabe e aprender também o que necessita para melhorar sua "performance" Espero você!
annexcafe.phoenix.netscape.imaging Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.netscape.imaging newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.netscape.imaging's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.netscape.imaging's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.netscape.imaging
Multimedia for Netscape
annexcafe.phoenix.photoshowcase Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.photoshowcase newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.photoshowcase's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.photoshowcase's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.photoshowcase
Display your work and discuss your techniques
annexcafe.phoenix.psp.blackandwhite Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.psp.blackandwhite newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.psp.blackandwhite's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.psp.blackandwhite's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.psp.blackandwhite
An Online Coloring Book
annexcafe.phoenix.psp.colouringcreations Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.psp.colouringcreations newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.psp.colouringcreations's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.psp.colouringcreations's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.psp.colouringcreations
And the Results
annexcafe.psp.plug-ins.and.filters Go to the annexcafe.psp.plug-ins.and.filters newsgroup annexcafe.psp.plug-ins.and.filters's Charter annexcafe.psp.plug-ins.and.filters's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.psp.plug-ins.and.filters
Exploring Filters & Plug-Ins
annexcafe.psp.tubes Go to the annexcafe.psp.tubes newsgroup annexcafe.psp.tubes's Charter annexcafe.psp.tubes's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.psp.tubes
Tube Trading for Paint Shop Pro
annexcafe.sigtags Go to the annexcafe.sigtags newsgroup annexcafe.sigtags's Charter annexcafe.sigtags's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.sigtags
Learn to make sigtags & share them here. Requests taken. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
An INTERNATIONAL, MULTI-NATIONAL Stationery group Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Spanish Language discussion on Web Design, php, javascript, html, etc.
annexcafe.wpec Go to the annexcafe.wpec newsgroup annexcafe.wpec's Charter annexcafe.wpec's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.wpec
What on earth is WPEC?!?! It stands for Weekly Picture Editing Contest. This is the newsgroup for those who like to play with graphics. Each week a new image is presented, and everyone is invited to manipulate it. Display your best effort. Anyone can participate; anyone can vote. No prizes, just a lot of fun.

International & Travel

annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.poesia Go to the annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.poesia newsgroup annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.poesia's Charter annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.poesia's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.brazilian.galeria.poesia
Um grupo de poetas de lingua portuguesa que estarão apresentando poemas e discutindo poesia.
annexcafe.dba.associationmatters Go to the annexcafe.dba.associationmatters newsgroup annexcafe.dba.associationmatters's Charter annexcafe.dba.associationmatters's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.dba.associationmatters
annexcafe.dba.bargecruising Go to the annexcafe.dba.bargecruising newsgroup annexcafe.dba.bargecruising's Charter annexcafe.dba.bargecruising's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.dba.bargecruising
annexcafe.dba.bargemain Go to the annexcafe.dba.bargemain newsgroup annexcafe.dba.bargemain's Charter annexcafe.dba.bargemain's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.dba.bargemain
annexcafe.dba.bargesailing Go to the annexcafe.dba.bargesailing newsgroup annexcafe.dba.bargesailing's Charter annexcafe.dba.bargesailing's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.dba.bargesailing
annexcafe.dba.blacksea Go to the annexcafe.dba.blacksea newsgroup annexcafe.dba.blacksea's Charter annexcafe.dba.blacksea's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.dba.blacksea
The Dutch Barge Association's Black Sea Group Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
The Dutch Barge Association's Parisian Group Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
General chit chat for members of the Dutch Barge Ass'n
annexcafe.eurochat Go to the annexcafe.eurochat newsgroup annexcafe.eurochat's Charter annexcafe.eurochat's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.eurochat
World Travel, photos, sharing experiences
annexcafe.intnatl.america Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.america newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.america's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.america's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.america
Grupo de enseñanza del programa Swish
annexcafe.intnatl.australia Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.australia newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.australia's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.australia's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.australia
You don't have to be Australian to join us here.
annexcafe.intnatl.canada Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.canada newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.canada's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.canada's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.canada
For all things Canadian!
annexcafe.intnatl.deutschland Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.deutschland newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.deutschland's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.deutschland's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.deutschland
Hier spricht man Deutsch
annexcafe.intnatl.friends.forever Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.friends.forever newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.friends.forever's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.friends.forever's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.friends.forever
troca de informações de qualidade
annexcafe.intnatl.greece Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.greece newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.greece's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.greece's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.greece
Greece: People, Language, Culture, Traditions, Food, Music
annexcafe.intnatl.russia Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.russia newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.russia's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.russia's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.russia
For all things Russian!
annexcafe.intnatl.scandinavia Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.scandinavia newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.scandinavia's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.scandinavia's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.scandinavia
From or about Scandinavia- Danish & mulilingual
annexcafe.intnatl.scotland Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.scotland newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.scotland's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.scotland's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.scotland
Scotland, Scots & the Scottish at Heart
annexcafe.intnatl.spanish.kaleido Go to the annexcafe.intnatl.spanish.kaleido newsgroup annexcafe.intnatl.spanish.kaleido's Charter annexcafe.intnatl.spanish.kaleido's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.intnatl.spanish.kaleido
Stationerys culturales: Filosofía, Ciencia, Historia y Derechos Humanos Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Informatique en français sur les news
annexcafe.mondo.italiano Go to the annexcafe.mondo.italiano newsgroup annexcafe.mondo.italiano's Charter annexcafe.mondo.italiano's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.mondo.italiano
Italian Language General Discussion
annexcafe.phoenix.brazilianartandculture Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.brazilianartandculture newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.brazilianartandculture's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.brazilianartandculture's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.brazilianartandculture
General- Brazilian- Portuguese Language
annexcafe.phoenix.italian Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.italian newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.italian's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.italian's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.italian
General discussion - Italian language
annexcafe.phoenix.mundolatino Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.mundolatino newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.mundolatino's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.mundolatino's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.mundolatino
Latin Issues- Spanish Language Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Vacations & Travel: Share the Fun


annexcafe.glc.general Go to the annexcafe.glc.general newsgroup annexcafe.glc.general's Charter annexcafe.glc.general's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.glc.general
A Community for All Gay & Lesbians and Their Straight Friends Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
GLC Men's Issues
annexcafe.glc.women Go to the annexcafe.glc.women newsgroup annexcafe.glc.women's Charter annexcafe.glc.women's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.glc.women
GLC Women's Issues

Parents & Kids

annexcafe.faires.parks.museums Go to the annexcafe.faires.parks.museums newsgroup annexcafe.faires.parks.museums's Charter annexcafe.faires.parks.museums's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.faires.parks.museums
Plan a Family Vacation
annexcafe.parenting.again Go to the annexcafe.parenting.again newsgroup annexcafe.parenting.again's Charter annexcafe.parenting.again's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.parenting.again
For all folks who take on the role of parenting again Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
For families & friends of children with long-term disease or disability Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
For those dealing w/ Reactive Attachment Disorder & other like conditions Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
A place for "Barney" fans to hang out and have fun, adult moderated

Pastimes & Hobbies Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Issues, tech talk, rules & regs; for all "hams" and those just interested
annexcafe.beaniecapers Go to the annexcafe.beaniecapers newsgroup annexcafe.beaniecapers's Charter annexcafe.beaniecapers's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.beaniecapers
Beanie Babies, Buddies and Friends
annexcafe.chips.challenge Go to the annexcafe.chips.challenge newsgroup annexcafe.chips.challenge's Charter annexcafe.chips.challenge's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.chips.challenge
A highly addictive puzzle game
annexcafe.freebies Go to the annexcafe.freebies newsgroup annexcafe.freebies's Charter annexcafe.freebies's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.freebies
Everybody loves a freebie!
annexcafe.genealogy Go to the annexcafe.genealogy newsgroup annexcafe.genealogy's Charter annexcafe.genealogy's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.genealogy
Tyro or pro, come share research techniques, sources, data & friendship Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Technique & tablature
annexcafe.hobbies.crafts Go to the annexcafe.hobbies.crafts newsgroup annexcafe.hobbies.crafts's Charter annexcafe.hobbies.crafts's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.hobbies.crafts
Crafting of all kinds Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Create your own digital memory pages. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Share digital scrapbooking elements Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
A comfortable place for Motorcyclists of all kinds. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Annexcafe.Music Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Kick back to some mellow music- Sound and discussion
annexcafe.ongames.announce Go to the annexcafe.ongames.announce newsgroup annexcafe.ongames.announce's Charter annexcafe.ongames.announce's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.ongames.announce
Trivia and Online Gaming
annexcafe.ongames.topscore Go to the annexcafe.ongames.topscore newsgroup annexcafe.ongames.topscore's Charter annexcafe.ongames.topscore's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.ongames.topscore
annexcafe.ongames.yournickel Go to the annexcafe.ongames.yournickel newsgroup annexcafe.ongames.yournickel's Charter annexcafe.ongames.yournickel's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.ongames.yournickel
annexcafe.phoenix.recipeswap Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.recipeswap newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.recipeswap's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.recipeswap's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.recipeswap
Trade your family favorites
annexcafe.puzzles Go to the annexcafe.puzzles newsgroup annexcafe.puzzles's Charter annexcafe.puzzles's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.puzzles
Have fun, play, relax and enjoy some great company.
annexcafe.trivia Go to the annexcafe.trivia newsgroup annexcafe.trivia's Charter annexcafe.trivia's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.trivia
A place to post and discuss trivia

Philosophy & World Events Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Controversial Issues & Current Events

Religion & Spirituality

annexcafe.meditation Go to the annexcafe.meditation newsgroup annexcafe.meditation's Charter annexcafe.meditation's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.meditation
work toward your inner pathway to peace and tranquility
annexcafe.religion.buddhism Go to the annexcafe.religion.buddhism newsgroup annexcafe.religion.buddhism's Charter annexcafe.religion.buddhism's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.religion.buddhism
Discussion of Buddhism. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
All levels of faith and all topics welcome.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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No Negative Thoughts Here
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Where Magic Comes to Play
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Hey; I can't be good ALL the time
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For all ephemeral creatures!
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If you love Harry Potter, this is the place for you! Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Nexus is a Battle-Free zone. Weapons are checked at the gate. Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Science Fiction & Fantasy Books, Shows and Movies
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General Discussion for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans


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Seniors-General Discussion, In Memory of Mary Lou who left us way too soon.
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Discussion for Seniors
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General Discussion
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General Discussion
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Discussion for those over 40
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Discussion for those over 50


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Racing and drivers
annexcafe.nascar Go to the annexcafe.nascar newsgroup annexcafe.nascar's Charter annexcafe.nascar's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.nascar
We talk Nascar racing here Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
On the Bench


annexcafe.cross-stitch.patterns Go to the annexcafe.cross-stitch.patterns newsgroup annexcafe.cross-stitch.patterns's Charter annexcafe.cross-stitch.patterns's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.cross-stitch.patterns
Original patterns only please Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Discuss digital cameras, their features and problems; share and compare
annexcafe.phoenix.bryce-abstracts-tuts-etc Go to the annexcafe.phoenix.bryce-abstracts-tuts-etc newsgroup annexcafe.phoenix.bryce-abstracts-tuts-etc's Charter annexcafe.phoenix.bryce-abstracts-tuts-etc's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.phoenix.bryce-abstracts-tuts-etc
Learn about Bryce and other 3D software
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Create your art pixel by pixel
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Learn how to make all those fabulous masques to dress up your graphic work
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Techniques for Paint Shop Pro
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Scrapbook.oz member pages
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Love Scrippy? Then this is your haven
annexcafe.tutoriais.lingua.portuguesa Go to the annexcafe.tutoriais.lingua.portuguesa newsgroup annexcafe.tutoriais.lingua.portuguesa's Charter annexcafe.tutoriais.lingua.portuguesa's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.tutoriais.lingua.portuguesa
Tutoriais programas como CICY, Swish, PSP, Front Page, Flash etc.

Mature Themed Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Artwork Collection for the slightly risqué
annexcafe.internet.perspectives Go to the annexcafe.internet.perspectives newsgroup annexcafe.internet.perspectives's Charter annexcafe.internet.perspectives's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.internet.perspectives
Dialogue, Debate and Idea Exchange Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
metamorphosis, laughter, animation, images, music, some artistic nudity Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
I don't have a clue :o)
annexcafe.rocking.rowdies Go to the annexcafe.rocking.rowdies newsgroup annexcafe.rocking.rowdies's Charter annexcafe.rocking.rowdies's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.rocking.rowdies
Sometimes a bit naughty, but always nice
annexcafe.sigtags.rated Go to the annexcafe.sigtags.rated newsgroup annexcafe.sigtags.rated's Charter annexcafe.sigtags.rated's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.sigtags.rated
Non-animated sigtags of a somewhat risqué nature, including tasteful nudity
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Medical bloopers, humour, quackery, blunders weird science and snake oil.


annexcafe.booknook Go to the annexcafe.booknook newsgroup annexcafe.booknook's Charter annexcafe.booknook's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.booknook
Books and Authors
annexcafe.household.hints Go to the annexcafe.household.hints newsgroup annexcafe.household.hints's Charter annexcafe.household.hints's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.household.hints
Swap those brilliant ideas
annexcafe.lisa.jimscafe Go to the annexcafe.lisa.jimscafe newsgroup annexcafe.lisa.jimscafe's Charter annexcafe.lisa.jimscafe's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.lisa.jimscafe
Lisa Scripted Stationery
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Discuss your favorites
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Share your favorites; better yet; illustrate them
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Tune in for the latest on your favorite soap Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Tune in there, then tune in here Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
There IS only "One life to Live"
annexcafe.soaps.theyoungandtherestless Go to the annexcafe.soaps.theyoungandtherestless newsgroup annexcafe.soaps.theyoungandtherestless's Charter annexcafe.soaps.theyoungandtherestless's Home Page WebRead annexcafe.soaps.theyoungandtherestless
Soaps- "The Young and the Restless" Go to the newsgroup's Charter's Home Page WebRead
Discuss your favorites
Annexcafe.TVShows.NCIS Go to the Annexcafe.TVShows.NCIS newsgroup Annexcafe.TVShows.NCIS's Charter Annexcafe.TVShows.NCIS's Home Page WebRead Annexcafe.TVShows.NCIS
Discussion regarding CBS's TV Show "NCIS"

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